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There are lots of places you can find more information about numerology - online, in books, from friends, and maybe even just from paying close attention.

We'll be adding more resources in the future - for now, enjoy these.


Find Your Fate Numerology

Find Your Fate is pretty simple, but you can do some numerology calculations on it and read quick descriptions of your numbers. Some of those descriptions are included so you can test them against what I’ve written on this site!

Soul Numerology

Soul Numerology includes quite a lot of descriptions and numbers and is worth looking at for a second glance at your meanings.

The Numbers and Their Meanings

The Numbers and Their Meanings is a fantastic site by Joanne Walmsley. She wrote some great material over there, but it’s really disorganized and difficult to sort through. I tried to organize a bit here so you can read it more easily, but definitely check her out if you want to read a lot about your number!

Ofe Site

Life Path descriptions from Ofe.

Cafe Astrology

Some general descriptions from Cafe Astrology.


This resource has information on Personal Years, Challenges, Life Paths, and Pinnacles.

Written around 1996 by Michael McClain.


Hans Decoz is well known in numerology, and his method and writings serve as the basis for much of numerology.com as well. This site has a lot of information on calculation methods – almost his whole book is online – but it’s very disorganized and doesn’t include the meanings for a lot of different positions.

Still, it’s a good read to get more information about numerology and how to do it yourself, too.

More links

Check out Self Growth.com for more great numerology and other resources, too!