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9 Numerologically.com, numerology 9

If you’re a 9, you’re probably thinking big thoughts about the world. The 9 stands at the end of the long path that started with the 1, and reflects on the difficulties and joys of the journey. This reflection causes the 9 to reach out a hand in sympathy to others; to see the wide […]



8 Numerologically.com, numerology 8

Eights, despite being famous for wealth, don’t necessarily make a big success of themselves immediately. Instead, they are constantly repeating and improving their methods, working their ambitious goals into their schemes and inventive plans. Eights are practical, solid, and, most of all, are drawn to real-world power. The eight is a number of infinity. It […]



7 Numerologically.com, numerology 7

Few could say that the 7 is not a careful, analytical thinker. 7s walk desolate roads, trying to uncover what truths can be found in life. The 7 is the sage, the seeker; religious or not, they are forever developing wisdom. The 7 is known in many cultures as a number of sacredness. It carries […]



6 Numerologically.com, numerology 6

OK, first off, you’re a bit snippy. Not a lot! Calm down, OK? Sorry. Forgive me? I just had to get that out of the way. But sorry again because… lots of Sixes don’t like the idea of the Six. The 6 is the pregnant number – just look at it. The 6 is described […]




Moss is a funny thing. It turns dead rocks into living colonies that we can see. Moss comes in beautiful shades of green, blue, brown – it decorates rocks, makes them soft to the touch, and hangs from trees in amazing beards of neon green. But moss takes time to grow. It takes time, and […]



4 Numerologically.com, numerology 4

Sometimes 4s get accused of being boring. It’s not really fair, although it might be a little true. 4s are our great organizers and crafters. Just because they aren’t constantly jumping around like a 3 or a 5 doesn’t mean they aren’t hilarious and enjoyable company. Admittedly, the 4 is a pretty angular, square number. […]



3 Numerologically.com, numerology 3

A 3 is, well, a threesome. Three’s company. Three’s a group, three is more fun and, definitely, 3 is less intense than 2. Three is dancing and fun and “let’s go out tonight!” That’s not to say that 3s can’t be solemn and serious. It’s just that, usually, that seriousness doesn’t last more than a […]



2 Numerologically.com, numerology 2

A 2 is a number of relationships and harmony. As a 2, relationships no doubt preoccupy you; the 2 finds themselves constantly concerned with questions of love, balance, emotions – they wonder how people can live harmoniously together. 2s naturally want to resolve problems as they arise between others. Two is, obviously, the number that […]



1 Numerologically.com, numerology 1

The number One stands alone. It is the first to come after nothingness, and it steps freshly into life, aware of its newness. Not yet joined by another to make two, One strives to stand whole in itself, to have the strength and stamina of self-unity. People with the Life Path One are always very […]